Dark Water
2015 Daphne Winner-1st Place Romantic Suspense
2016 Orange Rose-1st Place Romantic Suspense

2017 Maggie Award-1st Place Romantic Suspense

Stetson and Stilettos
2016 Orange Rose contest-2nd Place

Psychics of Barfleur Series

Dark Water- 1st book

Psychic Evangeline Broussard is sure as certain nothing could ever induce her to work with law enforcement again. That is until a serial killer begins using her small bayou town as his own personal hunting ground. But the powdered sugar on her beignet is being forced to work with Special Agent pain-in-the-ass, Nick Garrison, whose cynicism towards her psychic ability is matched only by his hotter than a Louisiana summer sex appeal.

Nick’s opinion of so called psychics is carved in stone as well as his heart, which puts his best friend’s little cousin squarely off limits, regardless of how much the sassy, Cajun, spitfire turns him on. But when her sixth sense and a leak in the local police department put her in the crosshairs of the killer, Nick must open his mind and question everything he’s ever believed in order for them to survive another sultry southern night.

Dangerous Water-2nd book
Deep Water- 3rd book